Nos safaris en tanzanie

Your vacation in Tanzania will allow you to visit a beautiful country with breathtaking landscapes. The country is blessed with an extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna. You can fly from a safari camp in Tanzania in the morning to an Indian Ocean beach for an afternoon swim.

Special Migration Safari in the Ndutu Plain

This 4 day African safari will take you to amazing places in Africa. You will visit Serengeti National Park, Lake Ndutu, then Ngorongoro Conservation Area to enjoy a safari in the incredible Ngorongoro Crater. Come explore Africa with us!

Duration: 7 days

Manyara, Ngorongoro and Tarangire Safari

This safari will introduce you to 3 parks in northern Tanzania including the famous Ngorongoro crater classified as World Heritage by Unesco. Flamingos from Lake Manyara to the elephants of Tarangire Passing through an impressive diversity of fauna and flora in the Ngorongoro crater, you will live in a few days an unforgettable experience in Tanzania.

Duration: 5 days

Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Safari

This safari is the must-see tour of Northern Tanzania. After meeting the Tarangire elephants, you will be amazed by the endless expanses of the Serengeti, Tanzania's most famous park, classified for the second year "MOST BEAUTIFUL PARK IN AFRICA". You will end up with the famous Ngorongoro crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where there are around 100 animals per km2.

Duration: 6 days

Cultural tourism

You will discover the 3 must-see parks of northern Tanzania to be amazed by their extraordinary flora and fauna. Throughout your trip, you will be immersed in Tanzanian life to meet the Hadzabes, Datogas, Iraqws, and you will live an unforgettable experience with the Maasai.

Duration: 10 days

Great migration safari in the northern plains

This 8-day safari specially designed for the period of Great Migration will leave you with unforgettable memories. Indeed, each year, some 2 million wildebeest and about 500,000 zebras set out for the largest known animal migration on earth.

Duration: 8 days

Safari Manyara, Serengeti, Nogorongoro and Tarangire

This 8-day safari allows you to explore the must-see parks of northern Tanzania. You will start with Lake Manyara and then marvel at the endless expanses of Africa's most famous and largest listed park, the Serengeti. You will dive into the famous Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to end the trip to meet the elephants of Tarangire.

Duration: 8 days

Our stays in Zanzibar

Zanzibar stay 3 days

See the essentials of Zanzibar in 3 days. Immerse yourself in the rich history of the island by visiting the old stone town "STONE TOWN" and discovering its extraordinary monuments and its winding and bustling alleys. Thanks to a plantation visit, discover the legendary spices of Zanzibar, which is nicknamed "the spice island".

Finally, admire a magnificent sunset at the edge of the Indian Ocean.

Duration: 3 days

Zanzibar stay 4 days

Immerse yourself in Zanzibar's rich history by visiting the old stone town "STONE TOWN" and discovering its extraordinary monuments and its winding and bustling alleys. Discover the legendary spices of Zanzibar, nicknamed "the spice island", on a plantation tour.

Finally, end your stay on a white sand beach on the shores of the Indian Ocean while enjoying a magnificent sunset. You will also have the opportunity to swim in this turquoise water to admire the wonderful seabed and a multitude of colorful fish.

Duration: 4 days

Safari Zanzibar (Jambiani)

Spend a few days at Jambiani, a fishing village located on the South East coast of Zanzibar. It is flanked by a beautiful beach with an intricate maze of seaweed plantations. This is one of the parts most traditional on the island mainland of the Zanzibar archipelago.

Duration: 6 days

Safari Zanzibar (Matemwe)

Spend a few days at Matemwe, a fishing village on the northeast coast of Zanzibar. Its economy is mainly based on the cultivation and fishing of seaweed.

Duration: 6 days