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Hello and welcome ! My name is Carol and my husband Laurent. We are a French couple originally from the south of France who chose to settle in Tanzania in Arusha. This town is known to be the starting point for safaris in northern Tanzania and is an hour's drive from Kilimanjaro International Airport.

With the help of our partner Jackson, we offer you to discover Tanzania through tailor-made safaris that we develop for you according to your expectations. Our Tanzanian friend who is also Maasai is 35 years old and he is English speaking guide.

For my part, I am 46 years old. Trained as an environmental engineer, I raised German Shepherds for 15 years. Laurent, my husband, is 53 years old. He was a constable for 23 years and then worked in water treatment at Culligan for 2 years.

The name of Tanzania comes from the two countries from which it originates: the Tanganyika and the Zanzibar. The suffix "-ia" was added as is often the case in English country names. 


Tanzania is home to approximately 20% of large African mammal species, spread over its reserves, conservation areas, marine parks and national parks over an area of over 99,306 square kilometers, or more than 10% of the surface area of Tanzania.

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4.6 out of 5 stars
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